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CYDROBOLT(1)                                                            Fedora                                                                CYDROBOLT(1)

       cydrobolt - a Fedora developer and member of the infrastructure team

       cydrobolt [-i] [-a] [-m] [-w] [-p]

       I'm Chaoyi Zha, a Fedora developer and member of the infrastructure team.

       I also contribute on the web, magazine, and ambassador teams.

       -i, --infrastructure
              I work on the Fedora infrastructure, maintaining the internal tools and services that help make Fedora development smooth
              and efficient. See wiki page for projects I've driven.
       -a, --ambassador
              I am a Fedora ambassador, helping spread Fedora by representing the project at events and conventions.
              Organised representation at HackRU spring 2015 and Bitcamp spring 2016.
       -m, --magazine
              I am a magazine administrator, helping resolve issues with the blog, reviewing articles, and occasionally
              writing articles.
       -w, --web
              I am a committer for Fedora's public-facing websites, such as getfedora.org and start.fedoraproject.org

       -p, --packager
              I am a Fedora packager, helping package software for installation on EPEL and Fedora.
              See wiki article for more details.
       personal-website(8), wiki-article(5).

       For more information, see my personal website for contact information or my wiki page for more details on Fedora involvement.

       Chaoyi Zha <cydrobolt AT fedoraproject.org>

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